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Grand Hallway - Horses b/w Off The Grid 7" VCR002

Versicolor Records is proud to present "Horses", the new 7" single from Seattle band Grand Hallway.

Lead singer Tomo Nakayama wrote and performed "Horses" for director Lynn Shelton's new film, "Touchy Feely"(in theaters September 6th from Magnolia Pictures), which stars Rosemarie DeWitt, Ellen Page, Allison Janney, Scoot McNairy, Josh Pais, Ron Livingston, and Nakayama, making his acting debut.

This recording of "Horses" features a string quartet of Jaclyn Shumate, Alina To, Alex Guy, and Natalie Mai-Hall, arranged by the band's pianist Aaron Otheim.

The B-side, "Off the Grid", is a song Nakayama composed last year for Richard Hugo House's literary series, "End of the Line".

As a bonus, a solo demo version of "Horses" and "I Like You" (the end credits song from "Touchy Feely") will be included as a digital download with each purchase of the 7".

Pressing Information

First 500 copies of the 7" will feature translucent gold colored vinyl and hand-screened artwork by Frida Clements