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Gabriel Mintz - Future Wars LP VCR001

Cliff walls, marble halls, bones crumble, and castles fall…

A well worn cliche for a reason, Future Wars is a slow burner and ideal music for late, dark and stoned, whiskey soaked, summer nights. On the surface, presenting itself as a warm pop record, Future Wars is unmistakably anchored in more threatening shadows – a beautifully realized reflection of a modern reality that we can all relate to. Like a heavily worn cassette copy of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours that has been left out in the sun for too long, dark psychedelic twanged guitars drift and melt in an out of the mix, and superficially simplistic lyrics give way to a much larger, darker, and more suspicious narrative. Gabe has been building up steam straddling the lines of both the traditional Northwest folk and more “out” experimental scenes for years, never easily shoe-horned into one or the other. With Future Wars, he finds his true home – a sweet spot in between that’s truly his own.

Pressing Information

First 500 copies on green vinyl w/ hand screened artwork!